About Us Angulo Architects

With more than twenty years dedicated to architectural design, Angulo Arquitectos have one objective: to generate solutions that provide high standards of architectural quality, combined with rational structural solutions and working with the client to achieve the best possible result. Proof of this is the timeless and warm image that our projects reflect.

The design process starts with a deep understanding of the subject. The gathering of all external conditions like location, environment, building codes, the estimated budget, and the desired final image of the project are the tools we use to transform them into a three- dimensional solution.

Our approach is a modernistic style that uses new technologies, spaces, and materials; while incorporating traditional aspects of the client’s lifestyle.

Our goal is to create an architectural space as an enjoyable experience, product of proper control, creative and organized design.

Our capabilities include:

  • Architecture - Design and development of complete construction documents in the areas of Residential dwellings and Commercial buildings.
  • Urbanism - Design and planning of urban developments in cities and beaches.
  • Interior Design - As an inherent aspect of the whole project.

Architecture Office

Established in Lima – Peru, the office is a team of architects of different nationalities, who are compromised with the quality of the architecture and interior spaces.

Our team is highly experienced and proficient on digital technology, that brings a better understanding and fast coordination with multiples professionals involved in the Building Permit process.

Currently our team is as follows:
Architect Claudia Blondet
Architect Valentina Marco del Pont
Architect Rocio Muniz

Marco Antonio Angulo / Principal

Architect in Lima Peru, studied in Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal.

Winner of public and private architectural contests sponsored by institutions like Colegio de Arquitectos del Peru and multiple urban developers.

In charge of the design and development of innumerable high-end residential projects, multifamily buildings as well as Mi Vivienda Projects (Peruvian National Low-Income Program), commercial buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and industrial warehouses.

Urbanism - Housing development master plan for Peruvian coastal towns.

In charge of design department in Barretta & Associates in Boynton Beach FL. from June 2003 - March 2008. Housing and residential buildings, hospitality, commercial, parking garages in South Florida. Developed the master plan for Moroso warehouse and automotive installations in Palm Beach.

Participation in multiple exhibitions and publications like Anuario de la Arquitectura Peruana, "El Comercio", magazines like Arkinka, Casa y Medio de Construccion, and Linea y Punto Canal 6.

Participation in Peruvian bienal de Arquitectura, CONEA and in Buenos Aires-Argentina 1993, Padis Award in Lima-Peru 1997.

Angulo Muniz Design

Angulo Muniz Design is a branch of Angulo Arquitectos, located in the United States.

Our approach is that design is an essential continuation of the architecture.

The choosing of materials, colors, lighting, and furniture go hand in hand with the final work piece. We combine textures and light, as well as patterns and colors on warm and cool finishes, creating spaces where the design is an extension of our client’s personality with a distinctive touch of our design.

Edificio en Naplo año 2000

Building in Naplo year 2000

Edificio en Barranco - 398  año 1998

Building in Barranco - 398 year 1998 | Project contest - 1st place